“…the early settlers in space will be exciting people: restless, inquiring, independent; …more hard-driving and possessed by more “creative discontent” than their kin in the Old World.”

– Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill

“The dream of yesterday is the hope
of today and the reality of tomorrow”

– Robert Goddard

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity,
but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.”

– Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Pardon our appearance – We are Re-booting but staying live during construction so we can better enable the Revolution!

About Us

Our Vision

A future of unlimited possibility and abundance symbolized by expanding communities growing throughout the Solar System, created by the human imagination, powered by the resources of space, and made real using principles of democratic free enterprise.

Our Goal

The development of all the science, systems, tools, technologies, methods and knowledge needed to build self-sustaining and prosperous human communities beyond the Earth – even as we apply those tools and knowledge to save the Earth.

Our Mission

To identify, catalyze and communicate those tipping point decisions, actions, technologies, systems, ideas and breakthroughs that cause the opening of the High Frontier as quickly as possible,


To democratize the High Frontier by identifying, catalyzing, developing and supporting ideas, people and projects that enable and accelerate the development of prosperous and free human communities and economies beyond Earth.

Why New Worlds?

There’s a lot of talk and pretty pictures out there about our future in space. For us that’s not good enough. The Members and Associates of the New Worlds Institute are dedicated to opening the High Frontier in our lifetime. We are all kinds of people from all around this world who are working to open the next – no matter where they may be. From major scientists and students to engineers and entrepreneurs, we are rolling up our sleeves to blaze and pave the critical path of technologies, systems and ideas that will enable people to live and work in space.

What can you do?

You are invited to Join Us. We believe everyone has something to offer this work. The first step is to become a Donor. Your contribution will enable us to fund people and teams working on real projects that are important to human space settlement. If you want to get more involved become a Member. Even at this basic level you can help us through your dues and volunteer to be a part of our team. If you want to get even more involved, join us as an Associate or Senior Associate. At this level you will be part of the elite group of Doers who are rolling up their sleeves and putting together the framework for the human settlement of space.If you are a degreed expert, corporate or government professional or entrepreneur in a frontier related field, you can apply to become a Fellow or Senior Fellow. Fellows provide the leadership for our work, and this prestigious role means you will be asked to weigh in on plans, policies and proposed projects and programs for the Institute’s future.


Our Projects

Space Development Matrix

Space Development Matrix

Now under development by the Institute, a virtual platform providing tools to bring together experts and ideas from around the world together to create and integrate the building blocks needed to open the High Frontier. The SDM is a non-government, non-corporate community based guiding structure, central repository, center-of-mass, and collaborative nexus dedicated to enable space settlement.

EarthSavers of Space

What can we do in or from space that both helps establish humanity beyond the Earth while protecting our precious MotherWorld?

NWI curates ideas, encourages projects and calls for realistic solutions and actions that can have great impact on the need to save the planet, and in some cases protect us from the wrong kind of impact.

The Infinite Canvas

Space is an infinite canvas, on which we shall all paint our own futures.” Science and technology are critical to opening space, but we are human, and the humanities are just as important. Be it art, design, music, or the social interactions and psychology of people, we recognize opening the High Frontier is an opportunity to open and expand our minds and imaginations.


New Worlds Webinars

Join us for our unique, informative and sometimes controversial discussions of the topics that matter when it comes to opening the Frontier. Guests will be among world leaders in key areas of human space settlement.

New Worlds 2021

The New Worlds Innovation and Enterprise conferences are the gathering place for the new pioneers of space.

We will be announcing a date and location soon. Get on our mailing list to be the first to know!

Space Cowboy Ball 2021

The coolest space event of the fall! A charity fundraiser, dance party & concert. Past winners include Buzz Aldrin, Jeff Bezos, shows like the Expanse & top space educators. Burning Man meets cosplay meets black tie.

Local Meetings

To change the conversation about our future we need conversations – & you can start them. We encourage members to set up gatherings in your town. Be it over a beer or over Zoom, we’ve got a kit to get you going.