“...the early settlers in space will be exciting people: restless, inquiring, independent; ...more hard-driving and possessed by more "creative discontent" than their kin in the Old World.”

- Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill

“The dream of yesterday is the hope
of today and the reality of tomorrow”

- Robert Goddard

“If our long term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to venture to other worlds.”

- Carl Sagan

Our Vision

A future of unlimited possibility and abundance created by expanding human civilization throughout the Solar System.

Our Goal

To develop the strategy and knowledge to build human communities beyond the Earth – even as we apply them to save the Earth.

Our Mission

To identify, catalyze and communicate decisions, actions, technologies, systems, ideas and breakthroughs to support and democratize the opening of the High Frontier Now.


EarthSavers of Space

Climate change, space debris, energy from space… What can we do in or from space to expand humanity beyond the Earth while protecting our precious MotherWorld? We curate ideas, encourage projects, and call for realistic solutions and actions that can have great impact on the need to save the planet, and in some cases protect us from the wrong kind of impact.

The Infinite Canvas

“Space is an infinite canvas, on which we shall all paint our own futures.” Science and technology are critical to open space, but we are human, and the humanities are just as important. Be it art, design, music, or the social interactions and psychology of people, opening the High Frontier is also an opportunity to open and expand our minds and imaginations.


New Worlds 2022 is ON!

October 28-29 in Austin. Stay Tuned!