New Worlds 2022

Reinvented and New - We Rise in 2022!

2021 – Austin, Texas, USA, Earth

New Worlds is A Space Event Like No other

We start with the credible, and blend in the incredible. From spaceships to settlements, entrepreneurs to educators, astronauts to artists.

The goal is simple – educate, entertain and enable you to become part of what is to come

Then we introduce some of the newest minds and rising stars presenting papers and business concepts reflecting some of the most advanced thinking on the planet.

And then you vote for the best ideas.

After all, it’s your frontier


Awards Banquet – Costume Ball

2022 is All Systems Go!



Join us as we and our Celebrity Master of Ceremonies honor the year’s best science fiction movies and TV shows at a cool and very special event, featuring artists, musicians, food and dance. We will also honor one of the world’s top space educators and of course present the Space Cowboy Award! (past recipients have been Jeff Bezos and Buzz Aldrin…who will it be this time?)

It’s 2122. You’re invited to a formal affair on the Moon or Mars. What on Earth (or space) will you wear? The first three Space Cowboy Balls were a rousing success. The 2022 edition will be a must-attend event of both the space and Austin celebrity year.

Space has been too boring for too long. We are committed to both the technology and culture of tomorrow. It’s a little like an early Halloween, this time for grown ups, space geeks and cos play gamers (but even those 21st century retro tuxes and business suites are ok). From the Expanse to Serenity, Star Wars to Star Trek, and all the best science fiction futures in between, come join us on a micro-Burning Man rocket ride. We’ll listen to some great musical artists, give out some awards, eat some great barbeque and then dance like it’s 2099!

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The New Worlds Faire and other New Worlds space projects and events are part of the EarthLight Foundation, an international 501c3 charitable education and research organization registered with the IRS and the Texas Secretary of State. EarthLight and its affiliates and DBAs do not participate in lobbying or any political activities. Our Mission is to catalyze, facilitate, enable and help lead the human settlement of space.

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